Sant Savaiyanath Gujarati Movie

Overview: The movie is about a story of a common person -Arvind Rathod, who gains the reputation of a saint in the society because of his kindness and the miracles done by him to help and solve problems of the people around him. You need to watch this movie to know how this saint does miracles and help people and becomes famous.

Cast: Arvind Rathod, Chandrakanth Pandya,Sarla Yevelakar, Nalin Dave, Sobha Pradhan, Narayan Raj Gore, Kiran Pandya, Bipin Rawal,Chagan Bhojak, Sunil, Kanu Thakkar, Kishore, Jayshree, Mayuri, Sangeeta ,Nakul, Naresh Kanodiya

Producers: Kiran Kumar, Bhadha Bhai, Bhacher Bhai

Directed by: Bhupen Desai

Release year: 2008

Movie Time: 2:16:03

Sant Savaiyanath Gujarati Movie