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Zero Bani Gayo Hero Gujarati Natak

Zero Bani Gayo Hero Gujarati Natak

Zero Bani Gayo Hero Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: ZERO BANI GAYO HERO is full of intense situations. It is about a deaf and dumb orphan boy Rambharose who is homeless. Rambharose has a guardian, Akash Choksi who is a crime reporter.He helps Rambharose as much as he can. One day suddenly, Janardan Pandit, a sweet, god fearing man takes Rambharose to his house to stay with him. This is when the other characters of the play like Manjula Masi, Karsan, Jigar and Rinku are introduced. They start a trustworthy relationship with Janardan and Rambharose. But truth is different. Janardan Pandit is actually a terrorist and plans to make Rambharose a scapegoat. He threatens the society people as well to not open their mouth and involves them with his wit and try to make them suffer as well.

Will Rambharose survive this? Will the ‘zero’ become a ‘hero’?

Cast : Sanat Vyas, Manisha Mehta, Saunil Daru, Bhakti Rathod, Kapil Bhuta, Bhaskar Bhojak, Yatin Parmar, Jay Pandya, Urja Mehta, Mayur Bhavsar, Hardik Sangani

Writer : Bhavesh Mandalia

Director : Vipul Mehta

Zero Bani Gayo Hero Gujarati Natak


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