Sanjay Goradia

Chup Raho Khush Raho Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Three couples want to have some private time in a flat, each expecting the other couple to vacate the flat. The fourth couple, who own the flat, get dragged into this frenzy. The man is a producer of television serials. But his television channel owner is a woman of strict Victorian values.

Sukh Ne Save Karo Dukh Ne Delete Karo – Gujarati Natak

Sukh Ne Save Karo Dukh Ne Delete Karo – Gujarati Natak Synopsis: A story of a father and his four children, two daughters and two sons. Relationships between them are strained in the absence of a mother. Over possessiveness of the father has lead to disastrous situations in each one’s life. None of them are happy [...]

Aa Kokila Nu Kaieek Karo Gujarati Natak

Sypnosis: The kind hearted Bhalabhai has brought up his three children with utmost love and care. But he is worried about their future. Praful the eldest son has a wife who is constantly nagging him for a child. Jignesh the youngest has ideas that he feels are brilliant but they never materialise and the third one is [...]

Pappu Pass Thai Gayo Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Pappu is a plump and lovable middle class man being constantly harassed by his mother-in-law who is dying to have a grandchild. The only solace in his life is his loving wife who supports him all the way. Pappu’s friend Bakul, an aspiring actor doing ten-second long roles in popular TV serials is a regular [...]

Bhabhu Retire Thai Chhe Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Since the inception of Stage; dramatics, various protagonists, characters, and stories have been performed on stage, portraying different shades and colors of life. Imagine a Stage, with such a vast experience, decides to tell its own story. What a journey it will be? It is! In the play; where STAGE is the protagonist.

Rupiya Ni Rani Ne Dollario Raja Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Gomti, a sweet, tender, and a pretty looking girl comes from a poor family. She is loved by Raghav but her marriage has been fixed with Munjal. Gomti’s father Jivan has a close friendship with Kishan Jagirdar even though there is a vast difference in their social class. Kishan Jagirdar migrates to the US but it [...]

Khara Chho Tame Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Laxmikant Vasani, a retired school master stays with his son Vinaykant, Daughter in law Sulochana and grandson Shashikant. Shashikant falls in love with Jalpa the daughter of their society’s secretary Manukant.

Chel Chabilo Gujarati Gujarati Natak

Summary:  This Gujarati play is an adaptation of P. L. Deshpande’s Marathi classic play, TUZ AAHE TUZ PASHI. It is a satire, subtly told on many levels through the protagonist Kaka Bapu and the antagonist Acharya Aatmarambapu. The play tells us of the values dear to both, Kakaji and Acharyaji, and of how in the stream [...]

Mr Adhikari Gujarati Natak

Summary : A court judge carrying out his duties honestly for a long time by following his principles and values. He is totally unbiased and always goes with the truth and is adamant about following rules and regulations. But his life is in difficulty when his only son is brought to the court and he is the [...]

Shakun Sawa Rupiyo Gujarati Natak

Summary: Repeated attempts by Rachna, Manuskh’s daughter to stall her marriage to Suketu fail. She gets married to him but a day breaks her marriage to Suketu. Rachna does not reveal the reason in spite of repeated pleas by Mansukh, Meeta, and her brother Rahul. Shantilal, Suketu’s father is furious and he suspects Rachna of betraying [...]