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Rupiyani Rani Ne Dollario Raja

Rupiyani Rani Ne Dollario Raja

Synopsis: Gomti, a sweet, tender, and a pretty looking girl comes from a poor family. She is loved by Raghav but her marriage has been fixed with Munjal. Gomti’s father Jivan has a close friendship with Kishan Jagirdar even though there is a vast difference in their social class. Kishan Jagirdar migrates to the US but it had been decided years ago that Gomti would marry Kishan Jagirdar’s son Munjal. Time flies. Finally, Kishan returns home with his handsome son Munjal. Whom will Gomti marry?

Cast : Sanjay Goradia, Esha Kansara, Alpana Buch, Ajinkya Sampat, Charul Bhavsaar, Vipul Mehta

Writer : Mukesh Joshi , Hiten Anandpara

Director : Vipul Mehta

Rupiya Ni Rani Ne Dollario Raja Gujarati Natak

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  1. vismay says:

    great natak!!

  2. SHAH MAUNISH says:

    Rupiya Ni Rani Ne Dollario Raja Gujarati Natak is reales on a very long time but you haven’t uplod this Natak on this site.
    so, pleas uplod this natak quikly.

  3. harsh says:

    this natak has been out for quite a long time now can you please uplode it thanks

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