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Synopsis: One man dies on the spot, as he claimed “I know the secrets of a successful marriage life. On meeting God “Why me, so early? “God said: “We need the formula, which you know of a “successful marriage life. In short even God doesn’t know the key to a “successful marriage life.

Have you ever seen a couple, which has never fought? Have you ever seen a wife who has not doubted her husband ? A story of hilarious mis communications- of a wife doubting a husband just like any other, of a husband so stupid like any other, of a couple going through the roller-coaster ride of a wedded life like any other.

Cast:  Sanjay Goradia, Deepall Bhuta, Snehal Trivedi, Rohinton Chesum.

Writer : Tarak Mehta

Director : Harin Thakar

Parnela Chho To Himmat Rakho Gujarati Natak


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