Masti Rahe Toh Life Hasti Rahe Gujarati Natak

Review: Masti Rahe Toh Life Hasti Rahe is a comedy cum family Gujarati Natak. The story is about the family of Ashwin Jhaveri (Firoz Bhagat), his wife Meena (Apara Mehta), his son Prithvi who is a scientist. A person named Mukundbhai who is a astrologer friend of Ashwin and Prithvi’s girlfriend Rachna is also a part of this drama.

Ashwin is a very lively and full of life – happy go lucky kind of a person as he is also happy and keeps cracking jokes as his “hasta hasta kheliya a zindagi na kam “ is the motto of his life. Along with this he is also belssed with so many good things in life as he’s got very loving and caring wife, his scientist son and he is financially very sound.

Prithvi is in love with a girl named Rachna and his parents decide to tie them in a knot of marriage. Rachna is from South Africa and so they have called her parents India to fix their marriage. Ashwin doesn’t believe at all in astrology and His wife believes in astrology a lot. So she calls Mukundbhai to see the Kundali of Prithvi and Rachna. 

Here comes the twist in the drama because as per Mukundbhai’s prediction Prithvi’s first wife will die and so Prithvi’s mom is against their marriage but rest of the people including Rachna’s mom doesn’t believe in this. But they make her understand and plans for Rachna and Prithvi’s engagement. Now will the astrologer’s prediction will prove right? Or what will happen to this happy go lucky family? Watch the full natak to know the story.

Cast: Firoz Bhagat, Apara Mehta, Pritesh Sodha, Khushali Jariwala, Vaishakhi Shukla, Arpit Joshi, Arpit Thakkar, Amit Divetia

Director: Firoz Bhagat

Writer: Pravin Solanki

Masti Rahe Toh Life Hasti Rahe Gujarati Natak

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