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Synopsis: An adult comedy drama about a person who is very flirty even at the age of 50  years and even being married. His wife has left him and now he is left with his son who is 21 years old and his wife’s brother.

The son is in love with a girl named Kajol and wants to marry her but he is scared of his father’s such
kind of nature.

The son makes a plan to teach his father a lesson. Watch this romantic adult comedy to know
more about the play.

Cast: Vipul Vitthalani, Shekhar Shukal, Shweta Jethwa, Kosha Munshi, Hitesh Dave, Astha, Manasvi Dixit,

Producer: Chirag Shah

Director: Manasvi Dixit

Writter: Manasvi Dixit

Koi No Patang Koi Chagave Gujarati Natak


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