Gujjubhai Ni Golmaal Gujarati Natak

Gujjubhai Ni Golmaal Gujarati Natak
Gujjubhai Ni Golmaal Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Every man hopes to make his dreams a reality. But Arvind Vakharia is not your everyman. Left to his own, Arvind is a simpleton who would gladly spend his life being an average, unambitious man, but fate has never been kind to him. Surrounded by an overbearing wife, his mother- in-law and his nincompoop brother-in-law, Arvind strives day and night to fulfil their ever-increasing demands.

Burdened by the responsibility of being a good husband, Arvind tries every shortcut to make a quick buck. After falling for various Ponzi schemes and other scams, our simple minded Arvind asks for some divine intervention to help make his wife’s dreams come true. Fate smiles but even divine forces have a sense of humour.

Arvind gets exactly what he asks for, every time his wife Alka goes to bed. Whatever she dreams, becomes reality. Arvind takes advantage of this gift by teaming up with a quack psychologist to influence his wife’s dreams to bring him wealth. For the first time since he got married, his mother-in-law and idiot brother-in-law finally accept him. But before Arvind can realize all his dreams, he finds out there is a catch. When his wife Alka wakes up everything she dreamt of disappears. Arvind decides he didn’t get so close to let everything slip away, with his partner in crime (The quack doctor, who starts falling for Alka). Arvind makes a plan that will make him filthy rich once and for all. The only thing he has to make sure is that Alka is kept asleep as long his plan becomes a reality.

But things aren’t that simple. The best plan goes haywire as a heavily sedated Alka keeps waking up, his greedy mother-in-law and brother-in-law keep whispering things into Alka’s ears when she’s asleep, manifesting dreams that Arvind is not prepared to handle – from the dead Osama Bin Laden to wild elephants, from a shower of money to missing diamonds.

A fantastical ride where you never know what to expect next, as Arvind falls deeper and deeper into the trap he has laid himself, only to realize that greed has no limits.

Cast : Siddharth Randeria, Tejas Vyas, Chitrak Shah and Rajul Diwan

Writer : Pravin Solanki

Director : Siddharth Randeria

Gujjubhai Ni Golmaal Gujarati Natak

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  1. pls tell me from where i can download gujarati natak..
    pls inform me that from which website it would be possible..
    i m waiting from very long time to watch the gujarati natak…
    pls reply if some can tell me any web site so pls tell most welcome…

  2. sir, i am your big fan and i want to play drama of ‘Gujjubhai ni Golmal’ so i need lyrics.
    If this possible pls. send me in email or on your website…

    It is my polite request,If it possible pls. try to complete.

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