Gujarati Natak

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Ek Meethi Munzwan Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: A wonderful story about two brothers. The elder brother decides to get married and informs his parents about it. But fate has something else planned for him and he meets with an accident and goes in the state of COMA.

Have To Lila Laher Chhe Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: A bird builds a beautiful nest for its young ones, takes care of them, feeds them and teaches them how to fly even though he knows that once they learn the technique of flying, they will leave him alone.

Hali Mali Ne Rahiye Sathe Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Businessman Madhukar lives happily with his family which consists of his mother, his wife and his younger brother Manan. They are living in peace and harmony till the day Manan decides to marry Payal the daughter of an underworld don Ramnik Bhai. Payal and her father start creating problems in the joint family. Finally Manan [...]

Gupchup Gupchup Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Alok and Gaurav are two very good friends. Gaurav owns an advertising agency. He is polite and simple by nature. On the other hand Alok owns an export business. He has a very aggressive personality. Both Gaurav and Alok are enjoying their separate married lives in peace until one day. Bansari, a beautiful girl, tricks Gaurav [...]

Darpan Ni Aarpaar Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Mr Anup and his wife Viraj Diwan are living a happily married life. They have two children called Ankur and Birva. Everything is moving smoothly for them until one day when Viraj meets with a fatal accident. She somehow survives it but loses all her memory. She fails to recognize her children and even her husband. [...]

Mareez Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: The play is a deep serious exploration of the poetic impulse based on the life of Mareez: poet, writer of beautiful ghazals, lover of alcohol; a man who courts any muse visible to him; a man reduced to selling his poetry to businessmen who pass it off as their own- MAREEZ is a fantasia on the [...]

Shayankhand No Sikandar Gujarati Natak

Synopsis : The misadventures of a man who believes in having extra marital affairs. When these affairs are cut short by those women involved our desperate hero rather shamefully comes to the conclusion that only his wife should be the object of his affections. Enjoy this fun play.

Return Ticket Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: RETURN TICKET follows the hilarious journey of Prabhudas alias Das. Das suffers from a variety of phobias. But one day his worst fears come true. His wife hands him divorce papers, and he also loses his home and his job.

Rasiklalani Raslila Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: The story of a man who worship various Gods & Godesses day & night. He finds very little time for his business & family.Even his wife wants a divorce. The man does not understand why people can’t appreciate his belief in God. One day a funny thing happenes.

God Dhana Ni Golmaal Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Tarak is an eligible bachelor (Amit Mistry) who is madly in love with Sneha ( Shruti Gholap). But destiny plays its own role. Tarak comes to a point where he has to decide between his love or the sacrifice for his two loving sisters- Aarti (Vaishali Parmar) and Dharati(Deval Bavasi).