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Mane Koi Roko Maa Gujarati Natak

Mane Koi Roko Maa Gujarati Natak Synopsis: The play revolves around the couple named Anand (Ashish Bhatt) and Shobha (Manisha Purohit) who are married for 14 years but not a single day in their lives has passed without quarrelling. Although the couple had a love marriage, fights ensued between them on the very first day [...]

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Daldu Didhu Main Kaartak Na Mela Maa Gujarati Movie

Daldu Didhu Main Kaartak Na Mela Maa Gujarati Movie Synopsis: The movie is based on a village mela (fair) of the Kaartak month, a first month of the Gujarati Calendar. The story is about a girl and a boy who meets each other at the fair. They fall in love with each other and how there [...]

Raj Rajwan Gujarati Movie

Starring : Naresh Kanodia, Minakshi, Pinki Parikh, Megha Mehta Music D: Mahesh – Naresh Producer: GovindBhai Patel Director: Subhash Shah Gujarati Natak

Cast : Ketki Dave, Dilip Darbar, jaideep Shah, Bijal Mehta, Devang Bhatt, Nitin Saudagar Director : Imtiaz Patel Writer : Imtiaz Patel Synopsis: The uneducated Maniben Patel lives in the affluent Pali hill area in Mumbai with her Husband Jaman Patel – a successful diamond merchant. Jaman taunts her for not being sophisticated and ridicules her [...]

Moti Verana Chawk Ma Gujarati Movie

Synopsis: The movie starts with the Maharaja Vajendra Singh’s courtroom, where they are happy to announce and celebrate their Prince’s 1st birthday. His trusted man – Vikram Singh is given the post of Diwan, but this gets interrupted by the entry of King’s other trusted person, who says that Vikram Sing is not at all [...]

Baap Dhamaal Dikra Kamaal Gujarati Movie

Synopsis: This is a Gujrati comedy movie. The story is about a father who falls in love and wants to get marry at the age when he should think about his son’s marriage. The three sons in tandem with their lovers rebel together and a war for love begins. Find out what happens when the [...]

Ramta Ramta Gamta Thai Re Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: This is a social drama, wherein the girl named Salakha lives with her grand mother. She has lost her parents when she was young. Salakha’s father’s business partner had made them suffer a lot after her parents passed way. Due to this she has made up her mind about males. She wants to get [...]

Chhanu Chamaklo Gujarati Natak

  Synopsis: Dhirajlal lives happily with his second wife and his sister. He wants to have a kid but his wife cannot conceive a kid even after 3 years of their marriage. Jeweller Dhirajlal Sanghvi fears that he will be kidnapped and killed. Kidnapping and murder stories in the newspaper adds fuel to his fears. Rumours [...]

5 Star Aunty Gujarati Natak

Synopsis: Saroj-ben Parekh is a kind hearted, compassionate lady. Saroj Parekh has a heart of gold. She enjoys cooking for the needy and also serves them. Every mother’s concern is that her child should not go hungry. Why not cook for a few more children who are homeless, motherless and hungry and feed them too!